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Pinus sylvestris (Scots pine)





General Description

Evergreen tree height of 20-40 m. Foliage : at the beginning is conical, later is strongly arched and finally like an umbrella. Bark at the beginning is smooth yellow, peeling in strips like paper. Later is light red-yellow color and peeling from the bottom up in thicker scales. It is presented with numerous local forms depending on the growth, form the trunk and crown, requirements and ability to resist winds and snow.


Per 2 in short-twig, length 4-7 m. Pointed, semicircular, rotated. The external surface is dark green and turquoise interior. Shelf life : 3-6 years.


Elongated length of 6-12 mm. Reddish, with or without resin.


Unisexual. It is a plant that in the same individual has male and female flowers. The males are yellow, oval Catkin. Females : reddish, stalked, erect form cones every 2. Flowering : April - May.


Conical, length 3-6 cm., with curved stalk, turned in downward. Immature are green and immature brown. Maturing : in October with November of the second year of flowering. Fall seed in March - April next year.


Elongated oval, angular, black, yellowish or different colors. Shiny on one side with flap keeps as nippers.

Biological requirements

Species with high adaptation capacity. It is not susceptible to frosts and heat waves.

Geographical spread

In northern and middle Europe and in North Asia. In Greece : in Northern Greece and especially in Perivoli, in Pieria, Olympus, Vermio, Voras, Lailias, Orvilos and Rodopi.


The wood is known as red wood, reddish inside and hard, and is used as raw material for the manufacture of wood pulp for paper, in building construction and shipbuilding.


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