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Circaetus gallicus (Short-toed snake eagle)


Eaglet (Accipitridae)


Aetines (Accipitrinae)


Kirkaetos (Circaetus)

Presence status:

The Short-toed is migratory species.


In Greece the total population of the species is estimated to be 300- 500 pairs.

Probable Threats

Degradation or destruction of food areas is perhaps the main threat to the species. The causes of degradation are usually:

a) the loss of spaces in or near cultivated areas which are normally reptile habitats,

b) the closure of glade in the forest

c) afforestation, restricting the distribution of herpetofauna.


The Short-toed Eagle feeds mainly on snakes and lizards that it finds in areas with sparse arboreal or shrubby vegetation.


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