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Abies borisii regis (abies alba X Abies cephalonica, populous hybridogenus) Bulgarian fir





General Description

Evergreen tree height of 20-35 meters. Foliage : wide conical. Bark : at the beginning is red-brown color. Later : has gray-dry bark. The fir is considered to be population hybrids originated from the cross between white and Kefalonian elati the last glacial period.


Τhe lower branches slightly sharp tips or incision. In the upper branches needles are sharp tips and bigger.


Oval, form real vertebrae, with little resin.


Unisexual. It is a plant that in the same individual has male and female flowers. Males are yellow - colored Catkin. Females : yellow-green, erect form cones. Flowering : April - May.


Cylindrical, 15 cm long. Variegated, slightly conical shape and topped with a little resin. Maturing : in September - October during the flowering period. Fall seed after ripening.


Triangular, oval, open brown, with essential oils cysts and flap around them as chlamida.


Biological requirements

The biological requirements sometimes approaching to white and sometimes to the Kefalonia elati.

Geographical spread

Appears at altitudes of 800-1,800 m, in the mountains with an annual rainfall of over 1000 mm. In South Bulgaria and the former South Yugoslavia. In Greece : sporadically in the Peloponnese, in Timfristos in Beech and from there north to the border or in pure stands.

Elati is the second consecutive main component of forested areas of the forest. In the forest, the Elati does not form pure stands but is found with pure and mixed form mainly beech and secondarily with black and pinus (with oak).


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Distribution at the region