• Papagiannakis Ioannis , 2014
  • installation
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  • Public swiming pool of Aridea
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The centers of major cultural formations worldwide, are historically developed around areas, rich in natural water resources. Water determines not only the financial and political activities of each race, but also deeply forms the culture and ethnic differences of its population. In the example of Almopia, ranging from ancient Macedonian province until today, the water flows  are one of the  those important  elements in defining and shaping the image of the place identity. The natural water resources, the water routes and the artificial structures which are developed alongside, are elements that determine, among other things, some kind of visual narration, which is trasferred through the historical memory and communicates with contemporary everyday life in the region. The existence of these elements in the present is strong, almost throughout the conntemporary Almopia. However, their absence is equally strong. Ancient springs that no longer exist, water paths diverted, watermill fragments -sometimes fully functional- are atypical memory sites, that  strongly narrate the absence of water through traces and historical testimonies.

The issue of lack of water, especially in a place that has been identified with water, seems to produce point-paradoxes that collectively enrich the modern identity of the place. The project Tank II starts from these points of absence, indicating these interesting stories of loss.

Instructions for the visitors of sound intallation Water Tank II

Visitors are gathered at the entrance of the facilities.

There the editor reads the introductory text of the project *.

Visitors are advised not to speak during their staying in the swimming pool area, from the entrance until the exit and switch off

any portable device. All visitors together are guided to the tank perimeter zone level, where a lectern facing the tank and a pair of headphones are

already installed. One by one, each visitor reaches the lectern to listen to the audio archive that plays in loop.

Every visitor remains in the lectern for as long as he wishes.

The whole process is recorded with digital media as part of the project. * Water Tank II