• Fotini Papahatzi , 2014
  • Three projections
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Curing by water

In Chinese Medicine the element of Water concerns the collective intelligence and DNA. The force of the water element represents the birth and death

and allows an individual to leave the unique sign, that is humanity.

In both the ancient greek medicine taught by Hippocrates, and the chinese medicine, as well as in reality, there is no way of separating the mind from the body.

Fear is the emotion that is related to the water element. In a healthy environment, fear is an emotion that moves and guide so that someone stays in vigilance and focused on the environment and the situation. When he faces danger, constructive fear can guide with a message of prudence and restraint and fill with a sense of readiness and courage to deal with any situation it might occur. When the water is out of balanced, fear becomes an obstacle in circulation.

Different populations that settled in the region of Almopia, chose a location based on the water element,in memory of the earth they lost.

ΠΑΠΑΧΑΤΖΗ ΦΩΤΕΙΝΗ Read more about Photini Papahatzi here

Photos: Photini Papaxatzi