• Elena Provata , 2014
  • Woodcut 1/1 , 1,40x100 cm

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Rodias: is the one that flows (flow). Bridge: is a connection, a contact.

The visual composition refers to Mavropotamo and the Old Bridge in Aloro. Water is the source of life. In this work, water is treated as a living part of the local history, which is organically linked with people's lives. Water, bridge, perennial plane-tree, something that passes through and disappears, but leaves roots, scars the landscape, merges with human activity, constitutes an artery, a path but also an obstacle, bridged by the human labour.

1.    What was your inspiration for your art piece, during the 10day program ?

I worked with Mavropotamos (Blackriver) or  Almopaios river (as it is also known), as well as with the bridge of Aloros, which is also called bridge of Alexander the Great. I was interested in creating, artistically, the sense of the road, about that area. So road… road means passage, transportation of materials, and of facts as well, through time and space. I thought that the river is a road… it is in fact unstoppable and as it flows, it carries along the history of the surrounding area and his own… The river unites but it can be an obstacle as well. Similarly in this case, this bridge, after all these centuries of substantial use,  it has ended up being an obstacle to the river flow and a monument for the man, who's no longer stepping on it.

2.    How would you describe the process of the making of your piece ?

In the beginning I was confused about the image of the place, as well as for the theme I'd choose. During the next step, I merg and define all that information. I think that I dealt with this situation as if I was a craftman, who would want his work to be steady and longlasting. For this I tried to do my best, so that the result-artwork, would be a strong one and that it would meet my expectations, as well as the data I chose to use through their conception and development.

Concerning my materials, I was determined from the start, that I would create an engraving  and that the matrix of it would be wood, as it finally happened.

When I finally decided that my theme would be about the flow-road-passage, I didn't want to stray much from that, because I didn't want to much info into my piece, otherwise it would be chaotic.

Finally, in my work you can see the "created"- god creature Rodias = it's the flow that it's part of the bridge. Both the bridge and the river are basically a bridge, which doesn't have any reason do exist if there's no river and without it's ability to connect. The bridge becomes one with its surroundings, because it carries the place's history..


3.    In which way is your art-work connected to Almopia ?

The artwork is called Rodias: Rodias is the one that flows (flow). Bridge: connection, touch. This artistic composition is referring to Mavropotamos and the old bridge of Aloros. The water is the fountain of life – in Almopia, as I mentioned before, water is everywhere and in every form. In this piece I'm dealing with water as a living part of the area's history, as it's organically connected with the lives of the people. Water, bridge, perrenial tree, the thing that stands but then it get lost, but it's leaving roots behind, it leaves a mark on the landscape, it becomes one with human behaviour, a road and an obstacle as well, that is bridged with human labor.


Podias ( main artwork)

Wood engraving 1/1



Linotype 1/1



4.    What are your expectations from the digital exhibition ?

Every art piece is a public discource, but first of all it's an act that contains emotion, conclusions, politics. More actually it is an opinion of everything that the artist has to say. And the artist is the person that's responsible for creating his art piece, no matter its form.

I can't expect something in particular from the audience. The thing is that if the viewer feels that this piece of art expresses him , then he'll become an indirect  shareholder of a situation. Of a situation that he's never experienced himself , but will receive through the image. I expect the viewer to become a dudge, who will dudge the art-piece clearly and it will gradually become an experience for him.

5.    Do you think that art can be a way for local development ?

As I've written above, an art piece is a public discource. I personally believe that an art piece is a diary… every piece is a page, it is recording everything that one person has known in his life, in a material way, through his mind and soul. Maybe this point of view is somehow romantic, but at least it the way I function. Every piece is an exercise for self-awareness.

By the time that an artist, as well a viewer, is able to see into an artwork things about himself, about some inner parts of himself and society, then art could be used a way for promoting local development.

Art is not a sterilized object or a blank transaction. There's creativity in art and creativity is the driving force for art. Creativity is the actual development. Through creativity one can become a better observer and can go through life/society with less insecurities. This means that this person can do more in order to drive his life to the thing he desires, so art is an important effort fro everyday renewal. An idea is actually the beginning for everything (apart from inevitable things). The important thing is, what kind of idea this is and how it will be accomplished.

 ΠΡΟΒΑΤΑ ΕΛΕΝΑEleni Provata graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts in Florina, University of Western Macedonia. Read more about the artist here
Bridge in Aloro