• Residents of Almopia in collaboration with Photini Papaxatzi , 2014
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"My Almopia" is a group artwork that will promote known and unknown regions of Almopia, through photos and narration of ordinary and special events of life in the region.

Family moments, festives, weddings, funerals,excursions, occupations that are being vanished, school celebrations, commemorative photos:

the only restriction is the human presence and the location. Furthermore, 'My Almopia', gives special importance to elderly residents,

who have photo albums from "old days" that can be digitalized, thus preserving the local traditional heritage.

The aim of this artwork is to create an internet digital platform of photos that were taken by ordinary residents, a photographic archive of

life in Almopia through which its history will be told with the terms of its residents.

The collection of photos is continued even after the ending of the exhibition.


Photini Papaxatzi has been working on photography since 1993 and on video since 2003. Read more about the artist here.

Photos: Photini Papaxatzi