• Labretsa Dimitra , 2014
  • Pencil on paper glued on wood , 29,5Χ21
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Fossils narrate the story of a creature of the past. A community of cave bears appeared 40,000 years ago in the area of Almopia . Since nothing exists without its environment, the interaction between existence and environment, reveals knowledge about a prehistoric era of thousands of years.

Since the foot of the mountain, the sound of water travels through the city streets in search of spectators of the game of memory. Primitive realities are recorded, minute by minute, in water molecules, while these in turn are converted into knowledge transmitters, transferring knowledge to the receiver of every living cell.

The contraction of time, the velocity of the liquid liquidity dilates the time of attrition. The concept of “wear and tear” aiming at the death of each living being is now overturned and transformed into a concept of life memory.

Fossils, evidence of existence, are  transported by water, or remain on land until we meet them. Caves, once human and animal shelters, are contemporary meeting points, where  fossils recount previous life conditions.

The cave bear, 40,000 years ago, leaves its traces. Numerous fossils, of various bear ages,  ranging from unborn until very old bears, suggest an environment rich in vegetation. The liquid element of water refreshes the soil with countless living organisms, that coexist in green shades of a healthy vegetation. The air becomes humid and cold, as the sun cannot reach in the dense vegetation so that moisture is evaporated. This is especially difficult in a place where water is dominant.

The microcosm of vegetation becomes a surface able to record the scenic presence of animals like the cave bear, and the cave lion, the cave leopard and the cave hyena that are nowdays extinct. The cave is their home, their survival is the environment …


Dimitra Labretsa, a graduate of the School of Fine Arts and the School of Graphic Arts and Art Studies at Athens (Department of Graphic Design), artist-animator and educator, was born in Grevena and performes in Athens and other cities in Greece and Europe.

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Museum of Natural History In Aridea