• Koumariannou Eleanna , 2014
  • rice paper 2 pieces of 16 pages 10x15cm anthology, pen drawing on rice paper 1 piece of 16-pages 10x15 cm

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The sky is the center of interest of the monks and the love affair with the sky is clear. Their daily life is a continuous contemplation upwards. Through the effort to bring the sky a bit closer, they create beautiful gardens. Having the thought that if people looked a little higher they would feel closer to God, the city of God is created in the form of a paradise garden on the roof of the room and the shadow on the floor is the potential transformation of humans’ cities in God’s cities. In a series of study drafts of the relationship of the gardens to the buildings of the monastery the interdependence that exists between them is revealed. Blots of monastery flowers (anthologies) compose a perforated floral paradise. The birth of flowers is associated with the birth of a child and the monastery’s patron saint, St. Hilarion, who is known for his thaumaturgic power and support of childbirths.
Koumarianou Eleanna holds Bachelor in Interior Architecture, Decoration and Object Design from the Faculty of Art and Design, T.E.I. of Athens and Masters Degree in Master of Design in Interior Design with Distinction at the University of The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland. Read more about the artist here. 

Monastery in Promachi